• Made in USA

    Made in USA

    Crafted with care our products are made, inspected and packed right here in Tennessee.

  • 5 Star customer experience

    Customer Satisfaction

    With excellence in serving our customers you can send your product back for free repairs*.

  • Help to minimize the planet's waste


    We strive to always look for ways to help minimize the planet's waste.

  • Female-owned business

    Female-Owned Business

    With the goal to generate jobs here in USA and help others build their businesses.

  • Customize sleepshirt


    Our new sleepshirt introduces our specialty t-shirt collection. The length can be customized.

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  • Washable backpack


    Our handbags were created with versatility in mind for the light traveler, yet chic.

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  • Attachments for handbags


    Build up your basic bag with attachments. Extra straps, reinforcements, pockets and more.

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  • Costumized products


    Most of our products can be customized with vinyl artwork of your choice. Our artwork or yours.

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  • Embroidery name or initials


    Customize your bag collection with your name or initals embroidery. Many colors available.

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    Most of our handbags have different ways to be utilized. The crossbody can become backpack.

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We create distinct products that make travels easier, ligther and more pleasurable. Products that are individually personalized, carefully crafted and more sustainable in many aspects. They make great gifts for travel & lounge lovers.

  • Choose a basic bag from handbag collection

    Step 1

    Choose a basic handbag and add to your cart.

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  • Choose attachment from the attachments menu

    Step 2

    Choose the attachments and add to your cart.

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  • Choose a vinyl artwork

    Step 3

    Add vinyl artwork to your cart.

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  • Choose embroidery name or initials

    Step 4

    Add embroidery to your cart.

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  • Click send with your instructions

    Step 5

    Send your order with special instructions.

  • Receive an email confirmation with the shipping date for your product.

    Step 6

    Get your email confirmation with shipping date.

Lifespan Free Repairs*

We stand behind the quality of our products and know that they are durable. Every stitch and every material were put together to last. If something unexpected happens, we will fix it.

We are committed to build a company that exudes excellence!

Crew member discount

Airlines Crew Members Discount

Commercial airlines and private are welcome. Register once with your ID/badge for your lifetime exclusive discount.

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How long will it take to ship my order?

Our products are "made on demand". After you place your order we start making it. Expect a minimal of 2 weeks for shipping. The shipping date will be provided once your order is placed. If you need to know the shipping date before you place your order, contact us.

How do I customize a t-shirt?

At the moment you can make a t-shirt longer or shorter. Start with a size that best fits you, then choose from the alterations on the dropdown menu list. You will need to contact us for specific measurements.

How do I customize a handbag?

Choose a basic handbag from handbag collection then go to the attachment collection to choose everything you want to add to your bag. If you contact us, we can walk you through the process.

Are all products made on demand?

Most of our products are made on demand. We keep very little inventory to minimize waste in all areas.