Great way to take your perfume on your trip

Great way to take your perfume on your trip

Big bottles of perfume can break easy... then your money will go to waste. You can not bring it with you in your carry on, TSA won't let you. When you arrive at your destination, you shower and feel like wearing that perfume just because your life is. Your life isn't the same without your favorite fragrance. 

We found a great way for you to bring your perfume on your trip. You can even bring it in the airplane with you.

Travellends, our line of hand-picked accessories from other labels, that are essential for your travels, found this great mini refillable bottle. Just spray your favorite perfume in the empty bottle and Voila! 

It is also TSA-approved to bring it in your carry on.

Our mission is to make packing easier and travels more enjoyable, raising the attitude of gratitude.

"Enjoy your travels and always be grateful!"




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