How to clean your LeaF makeup bag

How to clean your LeaF makeup bag

We tried to make a washable make up bag.  Unfortunately tests revealed that make up stains do not wash out well if the whole bag is laundered in a washing machine.  With that said, the best solution was to make the bag with the best stain resistant fabric available in the industry. That allows most make up to simply wipe off. 

The entire bag is water proof. Although water will not damage the bag, we do not suggest submerging it in water.  The outside is made of a very soft synthetic material and the inside with high grade nylon.  Although they will not stain easily, it may happen. Here are some suggestions for keeping your bag clean;

To clean the outside simply wipe with a  towel dampened with water. Let it air dry.

To clean the nylon interior,  use one of the following solutions for each kind of make up;  NOTE, do not use anything but water or rubbing alcohol to clean the CLEAR PLASTIC.

  • For general cleaning of nylon and clear plastic use a clean towel dampened with water or rubbing alcohol.
  • For lipstick stains use rubbing alcohol or witch hazel.
  • For eye liner and mascara stains use dish washing liquid mixed with a drop of cold water.
  • For foundation stains use hydrogen peroxide.
  • For powder stains such as eyeshadow or blush, use mild liquid laundry detergent.  NO BLEACH.

Scrub the cleaning solution lightly into the stain using circular motions.  Use a nail brush or toothbrush.  Wipe with a  clean towel dampened with water.  Towel dry and let the clean bag air dry.

Enjoy your travels and always be thankful!

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