Washable travel bags.

NEW LeaF washable collection

Hello LeaF lovers!

We have some exciting news!

When we were testing the LeaF bags, about a year ago, one of the tests was for a washable makeup bag. We wondered if the makeup would wash off the bag and how the bag would look like after being thrown in a wash machine. To our surprise, it did work! Monica, one of our testers, has that bag for about a year now and she loves it! She puts in the wash machine and it comes out perfect.

Now we are putting this idea into work. We created the NEW LeaF washable collection, our 2020 show piece. We will be running more tests and choosing the perfect materials to lunch it in 2020.

The prototypes you see on this picture are for test purposes only. We will be choosing one winner to test the collection bellow.

Let us know what do you think.

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