LeaF keychain, the lucky charm.
LeaF, the gratitude label.
LeaF keychain for your bag.

LeaF Keychain

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This is your lucky charm!

"LeaF, the brand, saved my life and I am forever thankful.
In a moment of despair, I learned the most important thing in life is to control our thoughts. However, we can't stop thoughts, we can only switch thoughts. With that in mind, I created a standby thought, LeaF. Every time I had a thought I didn't want, I switched to LeaF and worked in developing the brand.
The LeaF reminds me to be thankful all the time. That's why I call it "The Gratitude Label." Lea Fialho.

I hope The Gratitude Label, LeaF reminds you to be thankful.

A grateful heart is a loving heart, It is a magnet for miracles.
Keep a state of gratitude at all times and watch wonderful things happen in your life.


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Enjoy your travels and always be thankful!