About us

Lea F

I am Lea Fialho, the creator of Travelleaf. My label, LeaF, is a fusion of my first name and the first letter of my last name.

My company, Travelleaf, is rooted in my professional experience in the fashion industry. I have worked as a hands-on designer, pattern maker and master tailor, and I have also owned my own boutique and created my own clothing line.

For 8 years, I worked for the renowned clothing retailer Brooks Brothers. Though I was first hired there as a master tailor, I ended up entrusted in a variety of roles, from overseeing the manufacturing process to instructing associates in many Brooks Brothers stores. At Brooks Brothers, I gained firsthand knowledge of the entire clothing manufacturing process and an in-depth knowledge of the industry that I knew would serve me well in future endeavors. 

During a break from the clothing industry, I traveled the world as a flight attendant. As a frequent traveler and stylish, organized Virgo, I needed my suitcase and travel accessories to be functional and fashionable, in matching fabrics and materials. However, in all of my travels, I could never find products that suited all my needs. One day, after returning from yet another trip disappointed, I decided to create my own; drawing on my extensive knowledge of textiles, fashion and manufacturing, I created Travelleaf.

Travelleaf is a brand committed to excellence and it has been carefully evolving based on customers feedback and desires. Every product is made with precision and I stand behind its quality. 

Sustainability - I am constantly looking for ways to make it more sustainable. Travelleaf products are made to last, decreasing waste. Customization makes it unique and more desirable, decreasing waste. Customization also requires no inventory, no waste. Our packing and shipping uses a lots of recycled materials. Sustainability is a way of life and I will incorporate it more and more, every day.

I strongly believe that, when we love the products we buy, we will use them for its entire lifespan, eliminating waste. I rather have one item that I love and utilize a lot, then ten that I barely use and donate sooner than later. This is sustainability at its best!

I hope you enjoy my collections, whether you are traveling the world in style or simply storing your essentials at home. I have personally designed and created every piece, and they are now proudly manufactured right here in the USA. 

If you require any assistance, do not hesitate to contact me; I love helping my customers! Remember to enjoy everything you do and always be thankful.


PS: I’d love to see you on Instagram @travelleafusa or Facebook for the latest news, specials and products.