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Rosè Pure Silk Pillow Case & Eye Mask Set

Rosè Pure Silk Pillow Case & Eye Mask Set

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Silk Anti wrinkle Set

While silk pillow cases don't exactly prevent wrinkles, 100% silk materials have so many health benefits that the end result can help in the anti-aging process.

Silk is hypoallergenic. Less redness, eye-watering and congestion if you are allergic.

Silk doesn't naturally attracts dust mites.

Silk doesn't trap moisture, allows your products to stay on your skin.

Silk has very little friction which decreases the abrasion of the skin.

Silk ends up being really beneficial for your skin and hair.


Set includes: 1 pillow case standard size 20"x26"made of 100% silk, 1 eye mask made of 100% silk fabric and filled with 100% silk yarn and a LeaF case 7.75" x 3.75" x  2".

Ps: The cushion layer inside of the mask is 100% silk yarn. 

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